Sunday, August 5, 2012

Old Navy

I know I don't normally post on the weekends and post deals even less but right now Old Navy has kids jeans on sale for $10 and hoodies too.  Guess where I am going today?

And if you sign up for their emails you get a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase.  Combine that with a free backpack offer today only and I am going to get school shopping out of the way! So glad I actually have money right now to take advantage of these offers.


Kristina said...

Participating in GFC Blog Hop for the first time! I'm your newest follower. :)


RedRoseVintage said...

Newest follower though the blog hop. Stop by and visit when ever you'd like ;)
xo Sandra

Forever Young n Fab said...

Thats funny you mention this code because I the Mr.just showed this to me yesterday, he has a coupon lol..found your blog on blog hop, following you..hope you stop by :)

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