Monday, July 16, 2012

Cloudy Days and Birthdays

I know that I live in California and I shouldn't complain. But its cold today and overcast. Its not really what I would call a beautiful summer day in July. I have had a jacket on all day. Since it's depressing outside I'm staying in under the covers and on Pinterest. It's a good thing that Friday is my mom's birthday. Now I have a mission for my pins. Since it's so gloomy outside I am going to find something nice and cheery to make. I love this cake but I wonder how much my mom will like it.

Sprinkles Birthday

Since there are only three of us I would only make one layer.  Any more and I would go into a cake coma.

Now here is an easy cake that I know my mom would love.

Although I have been wanting to make this cake for awhile but haven't found the perfect occasion yet.  Maybe Friday is the day.

purse thumbnail

I guess since I can't make up my mind it's back to Pinterest I go.  Any one have any suggestions or words of wisdom for me? I get so overwhelmed by my love of cake.


Milynn luong said...

That Kit-Kat cake with M&M's looks really good. Now I wish I had a small get together or party to go to so I can learn to make that. In fact I might just even make that for myself ;)

Love and Whimsy

Lovin Livin In 'Luma said...

Milynn -

I just can't decide. I thought I had counted the Kit-Kat cake out but now that I am looking at it again it is at the top of my list.

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