Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gardening For The Kids

When the little man was born I had grand visions of a beautiful backyard that looked as if it came straight from the pages of The Secret Garden. Of course the minute I brought him home reality set in. When he started kindergarten I finally felt it was time to work on the backyard and start him on a path to respecting his food and the hard work that goes into bringing food to the table.

This year I went back to my grand plans and of course fell short. I took on too much too quick and most of my plants failed. I do think that even a failed garden is a good learning experience.  It shows that even with hard work not everything turns out.  Not every seed you plant grows and its how we react that teaches the greatest lessons. And its ok to pull up what didn't work and start again.

I did manage to mostly pull off one project I was excited about: the bean tee pee.

The great thing about the bean tee pee is how easy it was to build. All you need are some 6' poles, I used 6 but next year will use 8, string to tie the top and some pole beans.  First mark out a spot to make the tee pee then push the poles into the ground in a circle leaving a large space to enter the tee pee, bring the poles together to a point at the top and then tie with the string.  Plant your beans around the poles and water.  Its that easy for you to create a play place for your kids. 

I will make it bigger for the little man this year by adding 2 more poles so that he has some space to play around inside.  As you can see the back didn't grow in the way I wanted it to but I am happy however that I did get it to grow in some spots.  There is a ton of clay here so next year I will also need to import more soil to get a better result.

Here are the first beans of the season. After I picked them the little man couldn't wait for more and promptly ate them.  I did however get him to wash them first.


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