Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The most inspirational member of my family

I have to introduce you to a very important member of our family.  My four year old Chihuahua, Turbo.  Turbo is not your typical Chihuahua, trust me.  He is not yappy at all, nor is he mean.  He is the sweetest boy you would ever want to meet.

I mean really look at that face, and the tongue hanging out just a little.  Precious!  Now you may ask why is Turbo such an inspiration.  Well let me tell you his story:

I had been thinking about getting another chihuahua, I had one before the little man, for about 6 months.  Almost every weekend we would go to the pet store and look at the rescue dogs.  But I never found one that seemed to be right.  Then one Saturday almost a year ago my mom called me to come down and take a look at this Chihuahua she had found. 

I was skeptical when we drove down and I saw him.  He was soo tiny, only 6 pounds.  I didn't know how well he fit into our family.  But I took him for a walk on a leash and he was beautifully behaved.  I thought ok this is it this dog has chosen us. 

On that first walk I noticed he had a small limp.  It was almost unnoticeable it was so slight, I called it the hitch in his giddy up.  I inquired to the rescue about it and they said that he was surrendered to a vet and the people that owned him had said he was hit by a car.  They wanted to have him put down. 

The vet took x-rays but didn't find any trauma.  So he was sent on to the rescue. We were assured that he had no problems and that we could talk to the vet and look at the xrays ourselves.  Since he was in no clear pain and since the hitch didn't seem to bother him I took him home.

Over the next few months I walked him a little at a time to build up his stamina.  After about 2 months the hitch was all but gone.  We took him back to the pet store one day when the rescue was there and they were amazed at how well he was walking.

I just realized this is a long story.  I will have to break it up.  Come back another day to find out just what makes Turbo so inspirational.


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