Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Holiday Plans

Am I the only one with no firm holiday plans? I read recently that this is the busiest week of the year to vacation.  And here I sit in my awesome garage office with no plans for tomorrow.  I dont even have any menu ideas.  Which is odd for me because I almost always have at least a dessert idea to try out.

We were invited to Stinson Beach for the day tomorrow however I dont think I am up for the drive or the crowds.  The one fortunate thing about fireworks plans for us is that we dont have to leave our front yards to get a great view of the fireworks.  We live really close to the fairgrounds where they are shot off and can just walk into the middle of the street and watch them. 

I knew Pinterest would be a good source of inspiration.  I just started following Bird's Party boards and am now inspired!

I have been a follower of this blog for awhile now and it never occured to me until just this very second to follow her on Pinterest.  So glad I did!

Ok now that inspiration has struck it's time to start planning and making some calls to see who wants to come celebrate with me and the little man.


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