Thursday, July 12, 2012

The dog days of summer

I'm pretty sure this is the exact definition of that saying.

This is Indy, short for Indiana Jones. Three weeks ago I adopted him from a rescue for the little man. It was love at first sight. Indy went right over to little man and laid down in his lap. I thought every boy should have a dog. In my mind I had romantic visions of them camping in the backyard and digging in dirt together. You know typical boy things. Our house was going to be a scene straight out of Where The Red Fern Grows.

Unfortunately I didn't factor puppy into that equation. While Indy is a great dog he still chews and is working on being house broken. My house has been turned upside down. But since they are both so cute together I will suck it up and wait this period out. I know it will be worth it. Because happiness always trumps poop right? If it didn't no one would have babies anymore.


Melissa said...

Happiness does trump poop! :) The positive outlook in this post made me smile! Thanks for the blog visit and comment! And good luck!

Kim said...

That is adorable! And yes, eventually happiness does trump poop and chewed furniture. I have two cats and my poor couch has suffered because of them. No matter what though, I love those little furballs. =)

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