Monday, July 2, 2012

Saturday Farmers Market

One of the things I love the most about Summer is the Saturday Farmer's Market in Walnut Park.  Before I had the little man I lived close enough to downtown that I could walk to the market every Saturday.  Now I dont live close enough to walk but I still try and make it as many Saturday's as possible.

The number one reason that I go down there now is for this bread.

It's an amazing cheddar garlic sourdough bread.  The cheese on the top is so good. I am sure it would be super amazing if it was heated so the cheese could get all melty and gooey but I have yet to be able to keep it long enough to get it into the oven. 

I used to also purchase a bouqet of flowers from a nice older man every week too.  He always had beautiful wild arrangements for $5 but I haven't seen him in a while.  Sad :(

After my bread purchase and the little man spending his $2 on the bounce house we walked downtown to Fruit in Motion for smoothies.  Smoothies are the little man's favorite so I thought  I would treat him.  I ordered the amazing Peaches and Cream and he ordered Watermelon.

Peaches and Cream was so good and creamy and just delicious.  Of course after about 3 sips of Watermelon the little man decided he did not like his.  So being a good mom I traded him.  Watermelon was good but it was mostly water tasting.  Imagine that.

What better way to spend a Saturday? Outside in the place we love most. Next time I promise to take better pictures and more pictures.  I have realized my first blog weakness is picture taking. I will work on it. Promise.


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